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TopCrete Polyacrylate Terrazzo


Unlike competing products on the market, TopCrete 720 is truly based on an advanced formula and modern material technology. A hydraulic binder modified with redispersible polymers, TopCrete 720 advances an ancient art and pushes the envelope of performance and versatility to new limits. High strength, impact resistance and abrasion resistance are witness to the thorough and well thought-out work that went into developing this product. 


TopCrete 720’s formulation advantage also shows in the versatility it offers to the user. TopCrete 720 may be cast in thicknesses ranging from 8 mm to 30 mm, eliminating the need to have multiple products for different applications. TopCrete 720 may also be polished to low grit number and sealed with any of Creative Concrete’s topical sealers, or polished to 3,000 grit for a marble-like natural gloss finish. 

And performance doesn’t have to mean high cost. TopCrete 720 offers a more economical and eco-friendly alternative to epoxy terrazzo whilst being applicable interior or exterior.  

TopCrete Polyacrylate Terrazzo
TopCrete Polyacrylate Terrazzo


Mixed with marble or glass chips, TopCrete 720 offers an endless variety of colors and themes to suite your design. Available as a binder only, TopCrete 720 makes it easy to use locally-sourced colored marble, thus supporting the sustainability of your project and adding a local dimension to the finish.  


Interior or exterior

Varied application thickness ​​

Seamless elegance

Infinite and customized colors

Low environmental impact

High impact resistance

Abrasion & wear resistance

Cost Effective

System Details

Color Palette

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