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  • TopCrete Micro Topping

    TopCrete Micro Topping

Minimalist, Maximalist

How can a finish be both in one? TopCrete Micro Topping is subtle, yet overt, making an stunning impression without being loud or overbearing. The continuity of space, seamless surfaces and nuanced variegated colors of this minimalist approach creates a deep sense of comfort and immersive experience that can only be maximalist in its impact. Gone are the interruptive joint lines, with TopCrete Micro Topping system you can create continuous seamless horizontal and vertical surfaces, internally or externally, that draw in attention without distracting from other elements in the space.

Anywhere, Anytime

Robust, thin set microcement TopCrete Micro Topping can be applied anywhere and anytime you choose to. Whether a new construction or an existing surface such as concrete or tile, TopCrete Micro Topping can be applied as a skim coat in just 2-3 mm to beautify, renovate, or create new impressive seamless surfaces in a variety of systems to suite your project’s conditions.

As Easy As…

Produced in a single component microcement formulation, TopCrete Micro Topping is forgiving, easy to apply, and fast, it can be done by just about any tradesman, requiring no specialized skills or machinery. Mixed with water at various ratios as required for the finish, TopCrete Micro Topping can be applied by trowel, roll, squeegee, spray or brush to get the effect you desire. Don’t like the result? Just try again and apply another coat without creating excessive buildup. Not satisfied with the available colors? No problem, because TopCrete Micro Topping is provided in factory-colored powder, you can mix two or three colors at any ratio you want to get your own unique color. Unleash your creativity!

The What and How

TopCrete 220 Micro Topping is based on a single-component microcement formulation consisting of a cement-based dry mix modified with advanced dry polymer for superior performance and ease of use. Typically applied in multi-layered skim coats to a buildup of 1-3 mm  depending on the intended use, TopCrete 220 can also be applied directly on fair-faced surfaces thanks to its high adhesion strength. 

TopCrete Micro Topping

How It's Done

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System Details

TopCrete 220 Micro Topping is a versatile and robust, allowing it to be applied as a microcement skim coat in a variety of systems depending on the substrate condition or intended use. Whether required on new concrete floors or for renovation projects on tile or parquet, a suitable system is available that will provide an attractive yet durable surface.

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