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  • TopCrete Exposed Aggregate Overlay

    TopCrete Exposed Aggregate Overlay

A Liberating Approach

Exposed aggregate finish is typically produced by applying retarder to the green concrete surface and washing it the next day to exposed the aggregates. The shortcoming of this traditional approach lies in the limitations imposed by the components of the concrete mix available: type, quality and color of aggregates, color of the sand, and color of Portland cement available. In some regions ready-mix concrete with white cement might not be available, which limits the colors that can be achieved with color admixtures to dark tones only. Also the locally available coarse aggregates in the concrete will have a strong influence on the final color and appearance, even if colored aggregates are seeded into the surface of the concrete. However, with TopCrete 700 the designer is in full control: any binder color with the aggregate of your choosing, nothing else.  

Freedom to Choose

Provided as dry-mix form containing the binder and the decorative aggregates, TopCrete 700 is installed over existing concrete in thicknesses ranging from 6-8 mm to 30 mm depending on the aggregates size, but most commonly in 10-15 mm. Thus designers and clients are free to choose from a wide variety of binder colors and colored aggregates for their project anywhere in the world, regardless of the local availability of concrete and aggregate color, for a highly slip-resistant and attractive flooring for indoor or outdoor use without the need to break up and remove existing pavements and flooring. 

Tough Enough For All Environments

Not only is TopCrete 700 suitable for pedestrian traffic areas, it is also tough enough for the chemically-harsh environment of swimming pools and water features (aggregate suitability limited). Combined with quartz aggregates, TopCrete 700 provides for a seamless and slip-resistant finish for swimming pools’ floors and walls. Cast over benches, seats and planter upstands for an easy-to-produce impact-resistant and tough exposed aggregate finish.  

System Details

TopCrete 700 is casted on site directly over the reinforcement concrete in as little as 10 mm thickness on horizontal and vertical surfaces without the need for joints except existing joints in the substrate or what can be achieved by the crew in a single day’s work. 

Color Palette

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