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    CrystalTop Terrazzo

An Old Concept Modernized

Invented in the fifteenth century by Venetian marble workers, terrazzo is a combination of marble chips in a binding matrix (back then it was clay) that is poured on site then grinded to reveal a spectacular random mosaic of colors. Today we modernize this beautiful old concept by introducing various colored aggregates such as crushed marble chips from all over the world, crushed glass, mirrors, Onyx and Mother of Pearl combined in technologically advanced matrices such as specialty epoxy resins, polymer-modified Portland cement, or special hydraulic cements, thereby expanding the design possibilities and performance.

The Ultimate Floor

Hygienic, seamless, high abrasion resistance, everlasting… some of the reasons why poured in-place terrazzo is the ultimate flooring money can buy. And don’t forget beauty: with the use of divider strips made of zinc alloy or brass along with an endless array of colorful aggregates, terrazzo is the most eye-catching floor that can be uniquely customized to the setting or theme.

Our Advantage

Creative Concrete not only offers an absolutely gorgeous flooring solution, thanks to the multitude of colorful aggregates and well-thought out mix designs, but also the highest quality and toughest terrazzo flooring. Creative Concrete uses only carefully selected binders based on the highest standards of performance: CrystalTop’s epoxy resin is a special grade epoxy resin purposely formulated for decorative applications, with higher adhesion strength, glass temperature, clarity and wetting properties than commercial grade epoxy resins; while TopCrete cementitious binders range from Portland cement modified with advanced dry polymers instead of traditional liquid acrylics, to special non-Portland hydraulic cement binder that has zero shrinkage and superior strength, allowing for seamless installations in the most demanding applications.

System Details

Creative Concrete offers multiple options of systems depending on the desired look, performance and budget, all installed in 10-12 mm thickness on a structurally reinforced concrete substrate. Crystal Top uses a special grade epoxy-based resin binder system, while the cementitious TopCrete line offers either a polymer-modified single-component Portland cement binder, or a non-Portland cement option based on a special, zero shrinkage high-strength binder for more demanding needs and bolder look.

Crystal Top

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