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  • PaveCrete Colored Concrete

    PaveCrete Colored Concrete

Understated Strength

Concrete, the most basic of modern building materials, not only is it one of the strongest mediums used in construction, but is also architecturally one of the most powerful, a power emanating  from its shear simplicity.

Cast by itself as the structural, load-bearing member, it also couples as the finishing medium for walls and floors. With the addition of our coloring agents available in dozens of colors, this simple idea is turned into a powerful yet subtle architectural statement.

Simply Elegant

Concrete doesn’t have to be boring or look cheap. With the addition of color, either by surface coloring and conditioning with our PaveCrete 200 Color Hardener and/or integral coloring with our PaveCrete 500 Color Admixture, and working the surface with our high-quality, purpose-built tools, the simplicity of concrete is turned into a minimalist beauty of great impact.

Lasting Beauty

The strength and durability of concrete are further enhanced with the surface conditioning from the silica-based PaveCrete 200 Color Hardener, boosting abrasion resistance by three-folds. PaveCrete 200 not only adds color to the surface, but the increase of cement content and paste at the surface drastically enhances workability and produces a denser and smoother concrete surface. Lastly, protecting with any of Creative Concrete’s topical sealer ensures a lasting beauty that is not easily spoiled by spills and accidents from oils, drinks, or household chemicals.

Versatility In Design

With over 40 standard colors to choose from, concrete can be customized to fit any mood or ambience. Then choose from the elegance of a hard-trowel surface, hand-finished with our specialized Blue Carbon Steel trowels for indoor spaces: or the high-skid resistance of a broomed surface finished with our soft, medium or coarse grade concrete brooms for an R13/R11 dry/wet rating*.

* Concrete surface conditioned with PaveCrete 200, finished in medium grade broom, and sealed with A-Z Ultra Sealer.

How It's Done

PaveCrete Colored Concrete
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System Details

The PaveCrete systems turns ordinary concrete into an attractive & durable flooring for exterior & interior application.

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