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  • PaveCrete Exposed Aggregate Concrete

    PaveCrete Exposed Aggregate Concrete

One With Nature

How about a hardscape paving that blends with the natural scape of its surroundings? With PaveCrete Exposed Aggregate Concrete you can make your hardscape an extension of the natural surroundings. A cast in-situ system with a multitude of concrete colors that blend with nature, and aggregates that look as if they belong there exposed through the surface of the concrete with ExpoCrete 717 Concrete Set Deactivator. Or use glass chips to add character and pizazz to your pavement with a wide range of colors.




Highest Safety

With a highly textured surface, no pavement solution offers as high a slip resistance value. When tested under the British Pendulum Method, PaveCrete Exposed Aggregate finish achieved a rating of R13 under dry conditions and R12 under wet conditions, meaning that the risk of dangerous slips and falls are not something to worry about under the toughest conditions.


Textured Yet Easy to Clean

Textured doesn’t mean you have to put up with dirt and contaminants ruining the appearance of your pavement. Creative Concrete recommends only using one of its several offerings of topical sealers, which form a hard-wearing, highly chemical-resistant invisible film on the surface of the concrete, protecting it from penetration by liquid and oils and making cleaning as easy as hosing with water.


Not Just About Looks

PaveCrete Exposed Aggregate Concrete is not just about beauty and blending with nature, it is also about strength and durability. Because it is a cast in-situ, structurally reinforced concrete paving system, it offers all the  strength, longevity and load-bearing benefits of concrete, for the presumed service life of reinforced concrete.

Get In Control

No building medium is stronger or more coherent than concrete, therefore you can say goodbye to annoying settlements and dangerous trip hazards that are so common with unit pavers. And concrete’s coherence means no more unsightly weeds growing or insects creeping through the joints between pavers.



System Details

For slab on grade and freshly poured concrete, Creative Concrete offers the PaveCrete system based on an integrally-colored reinforced concrete slab. For cases where there is an existing concrete slab, the surface can be re-topped with TopCrete 700, which can be installed in up to 20 mm thickness and produce an exposed aggregate finish.

Exposed Aggregate System

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