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PaveCrete 700 Micro Expose Hardener


PaveCrete Micro Expose Concrete is an exposed aggregate finish having a light texture with aggregates up to 3 mm, achieving a slip resistance up to R13/R11 dry/wet. With it’s textured sandy appearance, PaveCrete Micro Expose Concrete provides a more elegant alternative to other functional pavement finishes such as broom finished concrete, while also being more subtle than other decorative slip-resistant finishes such as traditional exposed aggregate concrete.


Unlike integrally-colored exposed aggregate concrete, PaveCrete Micro Expose Concrete is typically produced with uncolored ordinary Portland cemen concrete even for light tone colors, enabling significant cost savings by eliminating the need for white-cement based concrete mixes and integral color admixtures. Produced by applying PaveCrete 700 Exposed Aggregate Dry Shake on freshly poured concrete, light tone colors are achieved by surface coloring and conditioning of the fresh concrete. Decorative aggregates are blended with the PaveCrete 700 powder and exposed by abrasive washing of the cured concrete surface.

PaveCrete 700 Micro Expose Hardener
PaveCrete 700 Micro Expose Hardener


With a wide selection of colored marble chips, glass chips and quartz to choose from, and over 40 standard matrix colors, PaveCrete 700 is available in an infinite array of standard and custom blends to suite any requirement. And because PaveCrete 700 is a surface treatment of the concrete, it is easily provided at any remote geographic location at a reasonable cost; only OPC concrete is needed.


Interior or exterior

Infinite and customized colors choices

High impact resistance

Abrasion & wear resistance

Cost Effective

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PaveCrete 700 Micro Expose Hardener
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