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The Best of Both Worlds

When it came to wall finishes compromises had to be made: either go for the durability, strength and weatherability of cement-based colored plaster but live with the risk of cracks and limitations of a high-build system; or go for the ease of use, flexibility and high adhesion of acrylic-based finishes but put up with the limited life span and sensitivity to moisture. Not anymore! ArtCrete line of renders is unique in its formulation that is based on Portland cement modified with advanced dry-form polymers, thereby providing unique properties that combine the best of both worlds. 

The Advantages of Polymer Modification

A flexible cement-based plaster? Yes, just one of the many things possible with polymer modification that were never thought of before. Crack resistant, self-curing, high adhesion strength, thin application…properties that were once the domain of acrylic renders only are now possible with ArtCrete renders, while also being compatible with the substrate, breathable, durable and weather-able, providing a beautiful finish that essentially lasts the life of the building. 

Open Up The Possibilities

With such properties the possibilities are unlimited, a single product providing an endless varieties of finishes from modern-looking polished finishes to highly textured heritage finishes, all in thin application as little as a few millimeters that can be directly applied on fair-faced surfaces. Considering the fast-assembly of precast concrete panels but constrained with the finishes? No problem, the ArtCrete line offers renders that can be applied directly on the precast concrete in just a few millimeters. Want to renovate your building’s walls? ArtCrete renders are ideal for renovation projects thanks to their thin application. Want your partitions or false walls to look like concrete? ArtCrete can be applied in a variety of systems that place very little loads on the structure, making them ideal for application on plaster boards.  

Go ahead, unleash your imagination! 

Can't Get Any Easier

Not only are ArtCrete renders extremely versatile, they are also a breeze to apply and work with. Not only does the polymer modification produce physical properties previously unattainable, but with formulations that utilize fine, high strength aggregates, ArtCrete renders offer unbelievable workability and ease of use. The finishes possible are limited only by the imagination of the mind manipulating the tools.  

How It's Done

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System Details

Thanks to ArtCrete renders’ versatility, the system can be devised and adapted to fit your project, needs and substrate condition. From simple direct applications on fair-faced concrete to applications on discontinuous surfaces such as plaster boards, a solution is there to meet your need. 

ArtCrete 3-Coat System

ArtCrete 4-Coat System ​

ArtCrete 2-Coat System

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