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Creative Concrete Concepts

The No.1 producer of decorative concrete products in MENA since 1992

Creative Concrete Concepts began life in Los Angeles, California in the early 80’s. CCC started as an exporter to the Middle East of materials and tools for stamped concrete, a relatively new concept to the region. In 1992 its first manufacturing facility was established in Amman, Jordan to serve the growing demand for its products and services, becoming the first manufacturer of decorative concrete products in the region. In the proceeding decade, Creative Concrete Concepts drastically expanded its product line beyond stamped concrete to include a wide range of walling and flooring decorative concrete applications, ranging from high performance finish stuccos to in-situ terrazzo. 

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Creative Concrete Concepts has also diversified its product line to include construction chemicals, such as waterproofing coatings, concrete repair materials, and protective coatings. In addition, a separate decorative concrete company, Al-Amer Engineering, was established to better serve the growing customer base through a highly skilled and carefully trained team of technicians and decorative concrete artisans.

Sensing the impending construction and development boom in the Gulf, in 2003 Creative Concrete Concepts established a second manufacturing facility in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, next to the epicenter of that boom: Dubai. Through these two manufacturing facilities and fully-staffed offices, Creative Concrete Concepts has been aggressively marketing and continuously expanding the market for decorative concrete throughout the Middle East, thereby becoming the leading agent in transferring the decorative concrete revolution from the United States to the Middle East. And through committed participation in major trade expositions, such as the Big 5 Show in Dubai, Creative Concrete Concepts has also introduced the concept to the markets of Africa and Asia, serving customers in diverse regions stretching from Nigeria to central Asia.

Creative Concrete Concepts is committed to maintain its leading role in decorative concrete and its reputation as an innovating company. Creative Concrete Concepts has therefore never ceased to develop and introduce new products to the Middle East’s market, long before the need for such products was recognized by the market. Foreseeing the necessity to conserve energy, Creative Concrete Concepts began the development of its thermal insulation system (EIFS) as far back as the 1990’s, well before the Green Movement swept the region in 2006/7. Creative Concrete Concepts is further committed to providing the best and highest quality service to its customers through thorough training and technical support to its network of applicators in the region and beyond.

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